Drain unblocking in Chichester West Sussex 

Blocked Drain in Chichester? We can help!!

Dealing with a blocked drain is the last thing anyone needs, any day of the week. Not only can it bring everything to a standstill – particularly if you’re a family in need of a flushable toilet – but you may even find that neither store-bought products nor home remedies may be able to help. If you’ve got a smelly outside drain that needs unclogging, a backed-up toilet that’s showing no sign of clearing through, or even if you need an expert or two to clear out a septic tank, Totally Blocked Drainage Solutions are the people to call – particularly if you’re in need of drain unblocking in Chichester, West Sussex or elsewhere in the county!

Expert Drain Unblockers in Chichester

Our team of experts are well versed in a huge range of plumbing and drainage facilities, ones which sadly block up from time to time – and can cause a real nuisance to home and business alike. We offer private and commercial consultation on plumbing or piping in need of unclogging, and we have catered to public services such as hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs in recent history, making us a reliable source of information and a hands-on solution to all things blocked. Drain unblocking in Chichester, West Sussex and beyond has never been so simple to arrange, nor so competitively priced!

If you’re a homeowner or run a business that caters to the public, or are dependant upon any kind of plumbing or tank system that comes under the threat of blockage, we can help. Whether it’s sinks, toilets, storm drains, septic tanks, guttering, aquadrains, baths, showers or even public urinals, you name it – we’ll unclog it. Not only do we have the tools of the trade, but we also have years of experience and knowledge in what both causes blockages and what we can do to rectify each and every problem. It’s this approach to drainage that’s allowed us to become one of the most trusted and reliable companys to provide drain unblocking in Chichester, West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and beyond. We are confident that any blockage query you may have, we can handle – quickly!

If you’re looking for a drain unblocking in Chichester, West Sussex or need a run of toilets and urinals flushing out in nearby Hampshire, simply give us a call or send us an email – and we’ll get in touch with you to handle the rest!

Areas we also cover:

  • Selsey
  • Sidlesham
  • Pagham
  • Aldwick
  • Bognor Regis
  • Middleton on sea
  • Yapton
  • Barnham
  • Fontwell
  • Eartham
  • Goodwood
  • Lavant
  • Summersdale
  • Emsworth
  • Bosham
  • Itchnor
  • West east witterings
  • Bracklesham
Contact us today for advice and let Totally blocked resolve your blocked drain.
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Home Buyers Drain Surveys Chichester

Drain Clearance Chichester

When buying a new house, there are aspects of the property you need to think about getting surveyed, however pre purchase drain surveys can often be overlooked, but this could end up costing you thousands in unexpected repairs that insurance won’t cover.

What are home buyers drain surveys?

A Home Buyers Drain Survey is carried out prior to the purchase of a new home or commercial property. This is done through the use of a CCTV Camera being inserted into drains throughout the property and/or site. This is the most effective way to look for any evidence of serious blockages, pipe fractures or deformations, cracks, destructive tree roots and even a complete collapse. A DVD recording and survey report is then provided as evidence of the findings.

Why would I need a pre purchase drain survey?

Home Buyers Drain Surveys would be considered essential in older properties as many older systems have shallower falls which could mean standing water and ‘matter’ building up. Older systems are also more susceptible to cracks and fractures.

A drain survey would also be advised when a large number of trees are on site to identify if any tree roots are growing into the drains, already causing damage/or have the potential to cause damage as this could be very costly to fix, not to mention the upheaval and subsequent cost in getting to the pipes. If a drain survey does find a serious problem, the existing homeowner’s insurance should then cover the suggested repair work. However, if a survey was not carried out and a problem was then found once the purchase had completed, you may find trouble getting the repairs covered by your insurance. Although the price of a drain survey is one you may not have consider as a necessity, it is justified by the potential costs that could incur if one isn’t carried out.

As drainage specialists, Totally Blocked are pleased to offer this service, please call us on 01243 602 841 for a quote and to arrange your survey or send us a message through our contact form HERE.

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Blocked Drains in Chichester & Beyond

Drain Clearance Chichester

Whether it’s a blocked kitchen sink, toilet, storm gully or blocked downpipe drain, the team at Totally Blocked have all the equipment to effectively clear any blocked drain, quickly and effectively. Here you can see the different ways we can solve your drainage problem. We currently clear blocked drains in Chichester and the surrounding areas as well as Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

How to Diagnose Blocked Drains

First, we simply use our senses to identify any obvious signs; we look for clear indications of problems and also take note of the smell, which is normally an indicator for more pressing drainage problems.

We also investigate if it’s just one drain that’s blocked or a whole building; this will determine whether it’s a problem with a localised clog in a single fixing or an onsite problem.

For more troublesome blockages where the cause isn’t obvious or needs confirming, our specialist CCTV software enables us to carry out a comprehensive investigation into troublesome or persistent problems.

How to Clear Blocked Drains

Using our experience and extensive knowledge, Totally Blocked has a number of methods to unblock drains which very much depends on each individual drainage problem. One successful method we use is a specialist high pressure water system which clears blockages in a safe and secure way.

We have helped many customers with blocked drains in Chichester and beyond.

Called that morning, arrived lunchtime and resolved problem in an efficient and professional manner. Highly recommended.” – Customer in Worthing

Cleared blockage in waste outlets from sink and shower – completed to a high order, politely, tidily and professionally. I will have no hesitation in using Totally Blocked again should the need arise.” – Customer in Chichester

So the next time you need your blocked drain cleared fast, call Totally Blocked on 07712671664 or contact us HERE.

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Emergency Drain Unblocking

CCTV Drain Surveys Chichester


As we’re nearing the festive break, we’d all like to hope that no disaster will happen to spoil everyone’s celebrations. However with family and friends all getting together at home, extra custom in bars, pubs and restaurants, added pressure is guaranteed to be put on drainage systems across the UK. This is why we are pleased to offer a reliable 24hour Emergency drain unblocking service throughout West Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey throughout the festive period.

Whether the only toilet in the house is blocked or outside drains are overflowing which is harming your business, simply call Totally Blocked, the blocked drain experts to remedy your drainage problems in no time.

Call us on 07712671664 for emergency drain unblocking in West Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey. Alternatively, contact us HERE.

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Gutter Clearing in West Sussex

gutter clearing in west sussex

As the leaves continue to fall, making sure your gutter is clear has never been more important! Failing or simply forgetting to maintain clear gutters doesn’t just mean that leaves are just sitting there, those leaves can have a detrimental effect on your property which could cost thousands to repair. Clearing gutters can be a messy job, made more difficult while balancing on a ladder which is why Totally Blocked provide comprehensive gutter clearing in West Sussex, Hampshire & Surrey.

Here are just a few reasons to get on top of your gutter clearing:

Leaking Gutters – leaks can cause extensive damage to the exterior of your property and of course the gutter itself, causing it to eventually give way. Prolonged damp can also cause rotting and moild to form.

Leaking Roof – if your gutters can not correctly steer water away from the roof because of a blockage, the water has to go somewhere, which unfortunately means is will collect on the roof, which could then seep in. Snow and subsequently ice can make this issue even more problematic.

Structural Damage – For timber builds or homes with timber foundations, water will eventually saturate the house if a gutter cannot drain the excess water away causing extreme structural damage.

Infestations – Bugs and insects will naturally follow water so if water is accumulating in your blocked gutters or on your roof, so will the insects which could lead to a nasty infestation.

Soggy Surroundings – As excess water leaks, this can cause your garden to drown in water as well as causing your adjoining pavements and driveway to flood.

For a fast, reliable and affordable gutter clearing service in West Sussex, Hampshire & Surrey, call Totally Blocked on 07712671664 for a quote and to arrange your gutter clearing. Or contact us HERE.


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Plumber in Chichester

CCTV Drain Surveys Chichester

If you’re looking for a reliable and effective plumber in Chichester to cure your drainage problem, then Totally Blocked are happy to be of service.

We have the tools and the expertise to cure any kind of drainage issue, from a simple blocked toilet to complex drain blockages that require CCTV drain inspection, our expert plumbers in Chichester, West Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey are just a phone call away.

Our customers choose us for many reasons, with our reputation for reliability, tidiness, courtesy and workmanship being rated 10/10 on industry trust website Checkatrade.

Prompt, courteous, good workmanship. Fixed problem. Would use again.” – A happy customer in Fareham.

Our plumbers always strive to provide the best possible service, usually on the same day as call-out, offer competitive pricing, are local authority approved and also provide a fast and punctual 24hour 7 day a week service, including emergency call outs.

So the next time you need your drain cleared fast, call Totally Blocked on 07712671664 or contact us HERE.

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