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We use specialist CCTV inspection software to investigate and clear troublesome drain blockages. Contact our expert team today to see how our drain inspection service can help you. Call our team on 0800 138 9165.
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Vacuum Tankering in West Sussex, Hampshire & Greater London

Vacuum Tankering Services

Water-related emergencies demand swift and comprehensive solutions to protect your property or land. At Totally Blocked Drains, we provide industry leading emergency vacuum tankering services available 24/7, ensuring proactive responses to various challenges.

Whether averting basement flooding, efficiently handling blocked culverts, addressing car park drainage, or maintaining pumping stations, our specialised services are tailored to swiftly and effectively meet your water management needs. Contact us for immediate assistance, and experience the peace of mind that comes with our experience, industry-leading technology and 24/7 availability. Read on to discover some of the vacuum tankering services that we offer.

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    Basement Flooding Solutions

    A flooding basement can lead to severe structural damage and emotional distress. With our emergency water extraction services, we guarantee a rapid and efficient response. Utilising cutting-edge technology, our team ensures the quick removal of excess water, preventing further damage and preserving your property’s structural integrity. Contact us now for prompt assistance on 0800 138 9165 or via our online contact form

    Blocked Culverts

    Blocked culverts pose a severe risk of flooding, emphasising the need for prompt and efficient solutions. Totally Blocked Drains excels in industry-leading culvert clearing through our emergency tankering services. By swiftly addressing obstructions, we guarantee the smooth flow of water and reducing the risk of flooding. Call us today to schedule your preventive maintenance and keep your water flow uninterrupted.


    In tackling the specific issues associated with car park drainage, our specialised vacuum tanker services offer an ideal solution for draining flooded car parks caused by blocked and overflowing drains.

    Car park drains, prone to accumulating a larger volume of debris and rubbish compared to smaller drains, require a tailored approach beyond standard high-pressured jetting or rodding. With our vacuum tankers operating 24/7, we swiftly and effectively address the flood water in your car park, ensuring the reliability of our specialised services to maintain the cleanliness and seamless functionality of your car park drainage systems.

    Failed Pumping Stations

    In the event of a pumping station malfunction, quick and effective intervention is crucial to address issues such as a failed pump, malfunctioning control system component, or blockage. These breakdowns have the potential to cause substantial inconvenience and disruptions to your daily operations.

    At Totally Blocked Drains, we specialise in providing swift and comprehensive solutions to pumping station failures. Our expert team is equipped to quickly identify and rectify the underlying problems, whether it be a malfunctioning pump, a failed control system component, or a stubborn blockage. We prioritise a rapid response to minimise the impact on your routine and prevent further complications.

    By choosing Totally Blocked Drains, you can trust in our dedication to resolving pump station faults efficiently, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of your operations and the optimal performance of your drainage systems. Contact us today!

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    We will happily quote for your specific needs and the services you require.

    At Totally Blocked Drains customer service is everything, we work with you to find the best solution for the drainage needs of you or your business, always providing information, advice and clear pricing at every stage.

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    Pumping Station Maintenance

    Preventive maintenance of pumping stations is crucial to avoid failures and potential flooding. Totally Blocked Drains provides comprehensive services, ensuring the optimal performance of your system. With our industry-leading expertise and commitment to preventive measures, we help you avoid emergencies by maintaining pumping stations in top condition, reducing the risk of flooding. Contact us to schedule your preventive maintenance and secure the optimal performance of your pumping stations.

    Oil Interceptor Emptying and Cleaning

    Regular interceptor emptying and cleaning play a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency of your site and preventing potential disruptions. At Totally Blocked Drains, we understand the significance of these services in averting costly downtime resulting from pollution caused by surface water or drainage issues. Our expert team is equipped to address spillages or overflows promptly through our 24/7 emergency call-out service. Contact us to speak with a knowledgeable member of our team who can provide guidance and support for interceptor cleaning tailored to your specific needs.

    Interceptor tanks, found at sites prone to vehicle-related leaks, such as fire stations, supermarkets, car parks, and industrial yards, prevent environmental contamination. These traps, also known as oil, grease, and water separators, ensure pollutants don’t reach watercourses. Regular oily water interceptor emptying is crucial to prevent the gradual buildup of runoff from vehicle washing activities over time. Call Totally Blocked Drains on 0800 138 9165 for reliable solutions to maintain your interceptor systems’ integrity.


    Blocked Drain Services in West Sussex, Hampshire & Greater London

    Our Techniques & Services for Unblocking Drains in Chichester and Beyond Include...

    Commercial Drain

    Tailored solutions for businesses. From hotels to restaurants, we swiftly clear commercial drain blockages, minimising disruptions.

    Drain Concrete

    Specialised techniques to dissolve and remove concrete blockages. Our experts restore proper drainage, preventing structural issues.


    High-pressure precision unclogs pipes fast. Our drain jetting service ensures thorough debris removal for clear, smooth-flowing drains.


    Scheduled upkeep ensures longevity. Our services prevent blockages, maintaining efficient drainage systems for your peace of mind.

    Emergency Drain

    Rapid 24/7 response for urgent blockages. Our experts swiftly clear clogs to restore normal flow, averting potential damage.

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    Why Choose Totally Blocked Drains?

    Totally Blocked Drains stands as your reliable partner in water management, offering industry-leading emergency vacuum tankering services available 24/7 to address a variety of challenges. Whether it’s averting basement flooding, clearing blocked culverts, addressing car park drainage, or maintaining pumping stations, our specialised services are designed for swift and effective vacuum tankering solutions. Experience the peace of mind that comes with our expertise, industry-leading technology, and round-the-clock availability.

    For immediate assistance, contact us at 0800 138 9165 or reach out via our convenient online contact form. Trust Totally Blocked Drains for prompt, reliable, and tailored solutions to safeguard your property or land from water-related emergencies. Don’t wait – take proactive steps today to ensure the cleanliness and optimal functionality of your drainage systems now.


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