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Oil Interceptors in West Sussex, Hampshire & Greater London

Oil Interceptors Services

The purpose of oil interceptors is to prevent oil and petrol gaining access to your drainage system. Found mainly on the forecourts of car garages and dealerships they perform an important function. Here at Totally blocked drains we provide a full range of oil interceptor cleaning and septic tank emptying services using our fleet of state of the art tankers. 

If you currently have an oil interceptor installed within your drainage system and are looking for a reliable drainage component that offers fast effective oil interceptor emptying and cleaning at a competitive price we can help. Our fully qualified drainage engineers have many years experience in the cleaning and emptying of oil interceptors. So, when you use our oil interceptor cleaning service we guarantee the work will be carried out quickly efficiently and to avery high standard.

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    What are The Purpose of Oil interceptors

    The main purpose of an oil interceptor trap is to prevent oil, fuel or other contaminants from making their way into the sewerage system. They perform an essential service by controlling contaminants like oil or petrol and a range of other pollutants and stopping them entering the main sewer line.

    Typically, oil interceptors are found on the forecourts of petrol stations, car dealerships or other commercial or industrial sites where there is an abundance of oil or petrol. Regular oil interceptor cleaning is essential to ensure that it continues to function efficiently and keep all contaminants out of the sewerage system.

    How Does an oil Interceptor Work?

    Oil interceptors usually consist of three chambers. When any contaminated water makes its way into the first chamber, any oil in there will slowly make its way to the top. This allows the cleaner water to be moved onto the next chamber, leaving just the oil residues behind.  These chambers are fitted with a vent which allows any build up of vapour to be released. The process is completed when the oil-free water goes through into a storm drain or other outlet.

    Are There Different Types of Oil Interceptor 

    There are two main types of oil interceptor which are: 

    • A Full Retention Interceptor 
    • A Bypass interceptor 

    A Full Retention Interceptor will normally be situated in areas where surface water run off is at at risk of regular contamination from oil or petrol or in areas where larger spills are likely. These can include vehicle maintenance areas, garage forecourts or HGV parking areas. 

    You would normally have a  Bypass Interceptor where the main issue is infrequent light contamination of surface water run off. Places that regularly instal;l bypass interceptors include  car parks, airports, industrial estates, roads and other low risk areas.

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    How often Should you Carry Out Oil Interceptor Cleaning

    The general rule of thumb is that you have your oil interceptor cleaned and maintained every three to six months as a minimum requirement. It is also advisable to carry out cleaning after significant storms or periods of particularly inclement weather that may have led to extra debris to be washed into your system. 

    Can anyone Carry out Oil Interceptor Cleaning 

    All interceptor maintenance should be carried out by fully accredited personnel. Here at Totally Blocked Drains our team have the necessary accreditation required that allows them to clean oil interceptors in a safe and efficient manner.


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    Why Choose Totally Blocked Drains for your Oil Interceptor Cleaning

    At Totally blocked drains we are proud to offer a fast and efficient oil interceptor cleaning service. Our fully trained staff have access to the latest techniques and equipment meaning all work will be carried out to the highest standard. We also have all the required accreditations that allow us to clean and remove waste in a safe and secure manner. So whether you are looking for a one off cleaning service or a regular schedule of maintenance our fully comprehensive and competitively priced oil interceptor cleaning is the perfect choice.


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