Drainage Concrete Removal

The professionals at Totally Blocked are available to assist you if you are suffering concrete obstructions in your pipelines or sewage system. We will remove concrete from your drains. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.
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Concrete Removal Services at Totally Blocked LTD

Managing wastewater is undoubtedly challenging, and one of the toughest to resolve is the removal of concrete obstructions in a drainage system. 

However, Totally Blocked LTD are able to offer quick relief thanks to a mix of robotic cutting instruments, high-pressure water jetting, and meticulous preparation. No project is too big or small for us to remove concrete from drains of all shapes and sizes.

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    Concrete Removal from Drains

    Cutting Concrete and Grout in Drainage Requires Professionalism

    Using the most advanced robo-cutter, that can cut through stone and concrete blockages, Totally Blocked LTD offers a cost-effective and budget-friendly method for removing concrete from drains and rehabilitating drainage systems. This approach can also solve the issues of obtruding connectors and misplaced rubber rings.

    Our team can effortlessly fit into manholes, and the machine tool cuts through concrete, stone, and loose rubber fittings. This solution may be utilised for any commercial or domestic residential drainage systems, saving resources like time, effort and finance for anyone dealing with this problem. 

    Developers and civil construction firms find our service for drain concrete removal extremely helpful, so get in touch with Totally Blocked LTD to learn more.

    Stellar No-Excavation Solutions for Concrete Drain Removal

    With a sizable squadron of tankers, and some of the most knowledgeable drainage engineers in the UK on our side, we are able to clear any concrete obstruction from your storm drains and drainage systems. 

    At Totally Blocked LTD, we can ensure precise concrete and grout cutting with our no-dig solutions, such as CCTV drain surveys, directional water cutters or robotic equipment cutting.

    Call Totally Blocked LTD if you need sewer pipe work and don’t want to deal with the expenses that come with a traditional, open-ground replacement. We provide a less intrusive, easier to manage solution with our experienced innovations. 

    How Our Directional Water Cutters Remove Concrete From Drains

    Directional water cutters are a type of robotic device that is used to remove concrete from drains. They work by using high-pressure jets of water to cut through the concrete and then vacuum the debris away. This method is effective, fast, and safe, allowing for the rapid removal of concrete without damaging the drain or surrounding area. 

    The water cutters use a variety of nozzles and cutting heads which allow them to cut through the concrete in a variety of shapes and sizes. This means that they are able to quickly remove concrete from any type of drain, no matter how big or small.

    Following concrete removal, our drainage engineers will then assess the condition of the drain, any damage that has been caused, and if necessary, repair or replace it. This ensures that the area is cleared of concrete and is safe and secure. 

    To utilise our 10,000 psi hydro-cutting technology to remove obstructions from your drains, call Totally Blocked LTD today.

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    We will happily quote for your specific needs and the services you require.

    At Totally Blocked Drains customer service is everything, we work with you to find the best solution for the drainage needs of you or your business, always providing information, advice and clear pricing at every stage.

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    Totally Blocked LTD – Your Local Concrete Removal Drainage Specialists

    With an abundance of concrete removal and drainage experience, the team here at Totally Blocked LTD offers an extensive range of services for domestic and commercial customers alike. With state-of-the-art equipment, our team can tackle any concrete obstruction in your drainage system quickly and effectively.

    We strive to provide a comprehensive service that covers all facets of concrete removal from drains and sewers systems. For emergency drain repairs and concrete removal, call Totally Blocked LTD now. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be contacted anytime.


    Blocked Drain Services in West Sussex, Hampshire & Greater London

    Our Techniques & Services for Unblocking Drains in Chichester and Beyond Include...

    Commercial Drain

    Tailored solutions for businesses. From hotels to restaurants, we swiftly clear commercial drain blockages, minimising disruptions.

    Drain Concrete

    Specialised techniques to dissolve and remove concrete blockages. Our experts restore proper drainage, preventing structural issues.


    High-pressure precision unclogs pipes fast. Our drain jetting service ensures thorough debris removal for clear, smooth-flowing drains.


    Scheduled upkeep ensures longevity. Our services prevent blockages, maintaining efficient drainage systems for your peace of mind.

    Emergency Drain

    Rapid 24/7 response for urgent blockages. Our experts swiftly clear clogs to restore normal flow, averting potential damage.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Removing Concrete in Drains – Frequently Asked Questions

    What causes concrete to build up in drains?

    Concrete build-up in drains can be caused by a variety of factors, including improper disposal of concrete waste, sedimentation, and erosion.

    How can I prevent concrete from clogging my drains?

    Proper disposal of concrete waste, regular maintenance of drainage systems, and using erosion control measures can help prevent concrete build-up in drains.

    What are the signs that my drains have become clogged with concrete?

    Signs of concrete clogs in drains include slow drainage, water backup, and unpleasant odours.

    How can I remove concrete from my drains?

    Concrete can be removed from drains using specialised tools and equipment, such as hydro jetting or mechanical cutting.

    How often should I have my drains inspected for concrete build-up?

    The frequency of drain inspections will depend on the specific conditions of your property, such as the amount of concrete waste generated, and the condition of the drainage system.

    Can concrete build-up in drains cause damage to my property?

    Yes, concrete build-up in drains can cause damage to your property by blocking the flow of water and causing water damage.

    Is it safe to use chemicals to remove concrete from my drains?

    Chemicals can be used to remove concrete from drains, but they can be dangerous and should only be used by professionals like Totally Blocked LTD, with the proper training and equipment.

    How much does it cost to remove concrete from drains?

    The cost of removing concrete from drains will depend on the severity of the clog, the location of the drain, and the method used to remove the concrete.

    Can I remove concrete from my drains myself or do I need Totally Blocked LTD?

    Removing concrete from drains can be difficult and dangerous, and it is generally recommended that you hire a professional to do the job. Call Totally Blocked LTD now.


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