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Relining Drain Pipes Using No-Dig Technology

Here at Totally Blocked LTD, we are fully aware of the cost implications of replacing damaged pipework within your drainage system. This is why we offer a quick and efficient drain relining service for all our commercial and domestic customers in the UK. In a lot of cases, pipes that have developed fractures and cracks can be effectively repaired using our affordable pipe relining service. 

Relining drain pipes has become one of the most popular forms of drain repair in recent times. Not only is it significantly cheaper than replacing the damaged pipework, but it is also much less disruptive. This is because our expert team of drainage engineers uses the most up-to-date no-dig technology removing the need to excavate the area around the damaged drain pipes. The benefit of this is that it allows us to carry out waste pipe repair in a way that causes minimal disruption to your property, and day-to-day routine.

Find out how our drain relining service can benefit your home or business by getting in touch with Totally Blocked LTD today.

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    Let’s See What Drain Relining Entails…

    When we undertake drain pipe relining our professional drainage engineers insert a resin layer into your pipework. Once in place, the resin layer will then be inflated to form what is effectively a second skin for your drainage pipes. The purpose of this pipe relining is to seal off all minor cracks and leaks allowing your waste water to flow freely again through the system. 

    Dependent on the size or complexity of the job there are a number of approaches we can take when carrying out sewer pipe relining. In the case of numerous cracks and fractures, we will install a single resin layer covering the entirety of your drainage system. However, when relining drain pipes that may only have one or two cracks we can patch up those specific areas. 

    As with all our drain pipe relining services the work will be carried out in line with the specific needs of the individual job. If you have suffered damage to your pipework and are looking for an affordable and effective solution, contact our team today to take advantage of our cost-effective drain relining services.

    The Benefits of Relining Drain Pipes

    There are a number of benefits of relining drains instead of replacing them. 

    • Cost-effective: Relining drain pipes is often a more cost-effective solution than traditional pipe replacement. It can save you money on labour costs and the cost of digging up your property to access the pipes.
    • Minimal disruption: Traditional pipe replacement can be a messy and disruptive process that can take days or even weeks. Relining drain pipes is a much faster and less disruptive process, often taking only a few hours.
    • Long-lasting solution: Relining drain pipes can provide a long-lasting solution to your drainage problems. The new lining is designed to last for many years and can withstand a range of harsh conditions
    • Environmentally friendly: Relining drain pipes is a more environmentally friendly solution than traditional pipe replacement. It reduces the amount of waste generated and helps to preserve the natural environment.
    • Preservation of property: Digging up your property to replace drain pipes can cause damage to your landscaping, driveways, and other structures. Relining drain pipes avoids this damage and helps to preserve your property.
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    At Totally Blocked Drains customer service is everything, we work with you to find the best solution for the drainage needs of you or your business, always providing information, advice and clear pricing at every stage.

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    Choose Totally Blocked LTD For Your Drain Pipe Relining

    Here at Totally Blocked LTD, we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive service for relining drain pipes. All the work will be carried out by our highly qualified drainage engineers using the most up-to-date tools and technology. 

    We also offer our clients a 24-hours a-day, 7 days a week service meaning we can respond quickly to any type of drainage emergency. Since we became established we have built a reputation for not only outstanding workmanship but also excellent customer service. 

    We also offer a service for removing drain liners in scenarios like drain relining failure, or when a drain needs to be cleared due to blockages. It’s imperative you maintain your drains.

    So, if you are experiencing problems with your drainage system, contact our team without delay about our high-quality drain pipe relining service.


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