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Drain Liner Removal – Totally Blocked LTD UK

Although drain lining is an extremely popular and reliable drain repair option for broken piping, the liner occasionally needs to be taken out. For instance, a company with little experience might have installed a drain lining incorrectly. Here at Totally Blocked drains we offer a comprehensive drain liner removal service for commercial and domestic clients.

Drain liners may likewise be susceptible to the pressure changes and other harm that led to the collapse of the original pipe. While drain lining is a very effective solution in itself when subjected to these pressures it may cure improperly and fall or even collapse completely. In these situations, it is necessary to remove the drain liner in order to clear the damaged liner and allow for proper pipe relining.

As part of our drain relining services, we fix collapsed drain liners by carefully removing the damaged pipe sections and replacing them with brand-new drain lining. We have the professional experience and knowledge necessary to ensure that your drains are repaired safely and correctly, so call Totally Blocked LTD immediately.

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    Drain Patch Lining

    If a property is having problems as a result of improper drain liner installation, our drainage specialists at Totally Blocked LTD have the skills and cutting edge equipment to deliver quick and effective drain liner removal. If you are looking for a professional company to remove a collapsed or damaged drain liner, Totally Blocked LTD can help.

    Prior to repairing your pipework it is essential to remove the original lining. We can remove obstinate, defective liners from your drainage system using cutting-edge, market-leading equipment like our state-of-the-art robotic cutter. We are happy to provide our services for both domestic and commercial clients as part of a seamless service from start to finish.

    When Do You Need a Drain Liner Removal Service?

    It is possible for even the durable drain liner material to become damaged over time. The lining of your drain is just as prone to damage as your original pipes. We can remove the damaged drain liner and insert a new lining that enables your waste to flow freely again. If for whatever reason your drain liner has malfunctioned we can help.

    Although drain liner difficulties are uncommon, there are a variety of potential complications. All of these must be replaced as soon as possible because they all have the potential to result in a number of significant problems.

    Signs of a Problematic Drain Liner
    • The drain liner is curing improperly, as evidenced by the failure of the lining agent to open properly.
    • During installation, the drain liner twists.
    • Internally, the lining agent has a course or rough finish.
    • During installation, the drain liner develops wrinkles or deformities.
    • During installation, adhesive resin was washed out.
    • Before the liner hardened, the drainage pipes pierced it.
    • Drain lining gave way or started to crack over time.
    • Too little waste and water can be carried by the drain lining.
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    Industrial Drain Liner Removal Services

    These problems can all lead to a variety of problems throughout your commercial property. They can cause just as much harm as a collapsed drain and can be harder to fix. The pipe must be spotless and the damaged or ineffective liner must be removed.

    Damaged drain liners will undoubtedly prevent wastewater leaving your home effectively. Additionally, there is a chance that the corroded lining material will result in solid clogs inside the pipe.

    Therefore, you should remove any broken or improperly placed liner from your drainage system as soon as possible. To learn more, contact our team at Totally Blocked LTD.

    What Methods Do We Use for Collapsed Drain Liner Removal?

    We can remove any type of drain liner here at Totally blocked drains because of our access to specialised tools and techniques. Additionally, our skilled staff can remove fragile and damaged drain liners without having to excavate your property. In the past, if your pipework developed a problem, the only way to fix it was to excavate and replace the damaged pipe, which was exactly what the drain liner was meant to avoid.

    We are able to totally clear and reshape your drain pipes using flexible grinders and cutters. Our crew is available to assist you no matter what has gone wrong with the lining of your drain pipe. Long, flexible cables, like the ones we use for our CCTV drain surveys, can be used to carry out our industry-leading technology. After that, this will be fed through your body until it reaches the trouble spot. This enables us to carry out drain liner removal while the pipe is still in situ.

    How Do You Fix a Collapsed Drain Pipe?

    We can provide a number of solutions after the essential drain liner section has been removed. In many instances, we may insert a new drain lining into your system to produce a supple, durable and smooth surface. When only a tiny portion of the lining agent has been lost, epoxy patch repair is frequently used to make repairs.

    The same method can be used to fix any improperly installed or broken liner ends. Using our strong cutters and grinders, we can remove the last of the lining. We can carry out a seamless repair to the pipe itself, by applying an epoxy patch. This will effectively seal your pipes removing the possibility of leaks and make the drain lining water tight.

    Once this has been done the water will flow freely and quickly through your system and away from your property. If you are suffering from drainage issues as a result of collapsed drains, contact our team about our professional collapsed drain liner removal today.


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