Why Are my drains blocked? Warning signs to look out for

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A sink that's overflowing because of a blocked drainOur drainage experts share the main block drainage warning signs

Unpleasant smell in the kitchen or bathroom

A blocked drain will often create an unpleasant odour (similar to sewage or rotting eggs) that lingers in the kitchen or bathroom. This can either be down to bacteria build up, stagnant water, or the material that makes up the blockage beginning to rot.

A bad odour will sometimes occur before there are any other noticeable signs of a blocked drain, so it’s a good idea to pay attention to any new or unusual smells in your home.

Strange sounds coming from your pipes

Another very common sign of a blocked drain is gurgling or rattling sounds coming from your pipes, drains, plug holes and toilet flushes. This happens when air that’s been trapped by the blockage starts to become displaced and is forced back up through the pipes. The movement of air is what causes the noise.

Water takes longer than usual to drain

A blockage will slow the flow of water through your pipes. This means that water can start to build up and take longer to drain than usual. If your drain is blocked, you may notice that your sink or shower tray starts to fill up when you run the water.

In the event of a serious blockage, this water can end up sitting around for a while. As well as being an inconvenience, this can also be rather unpleasant.

Why it’s important not to ignore the signs of a blocked drain

A blocked drain isn’t something you should ignore. If left untreated, a blockage can grow in size and severity which, in turn, may lead to more serious damage to your pipes and even flooding in your home.

To avoid more expensive repairs further down the line, get your blocked drain looked at as soon as possible.

Need help with a blocked drain?

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